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AlimKIDS 2.0 (For Kids)

Entertainment Education World of Children... ENGLISH : Unlimited Entertainment, Unlimited Education. This program is prepared for you. All the sections are illustrated and audible, so you will learn through entertainment while you study.
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AlimKIDS 2.0 (English+Turkish)

(Unlimited Entertainment, Unlimited Education…)

You have a program that includes knowledge and entertainment. This program is prepared for you.  All the sections are illustrated and  audio, so you will learn through entertainment while you study.

What will you learn on this program?

I.Section : Religious Education

1. Alif-ba’ and Recitation of the Qur’an (Tajweed) : Can you read alphabet of Qur’an or can you read Qur’an with tajweed? If your answer is “No”, after study in this section you will say “Yes”. Alif-ba’ and recitation of the Qur’an are explained through demonstrations and sound recordings. You can learn to read the Holy Qur’an in the right way by following the lessons in order.

2. Prayer (Salat) Guide : You are a Muslim, so you have to pray for Allah five times in a day. But do you know how to pray? In this section how to take wudû(ablution) and prayers are illustrated and recited for males and females separately.

3. Surahs and Supplications : With illustration and sound it is easy to memorize surahs and supplication in this section. So you can pray by this surahs and supplications.

4. Prayer Times : Prayer times in all cities of the world are given in this part. So you won’t be late for salat when you study on the program.

5. Learning the Prophet : If you wonder life of the Prophet of Universe, ıf you want to know his whole life, you are on right way, go ahead, listen or read and learn all the facts about him.

6. The Children and the Prophet : There are children in all ages, but this children are different, they saw the Prophet, and they lived with him in the same age. In this section you will find theese children, and you will learn their relationship with our Prophet.

7. Lives of the Prophets : Allah sent the prophets when human being start to live on the earth. So first prophet was  Hadrat Adam (p.b.u.h), as he was first man on the earth. When time is passing, people are changing, prophets are too. In this section you will learn the lives of the Prophets, and also you will learn lives of their tribes too.

8. Stories : It is important to know how Muslims live in social life, how are their  behaviors to people around of them. In this section, a selection of true stories which serve as lessons are read with illustrations and sound.

9. Tales : Educational and entertaining tales will take you to different worlds in this section. With illustrations and sound, you will enjoy from the section.

10. Reading Book : In this section, you will find different subjects that are collected from different boks.

II.Section: Games/Playground

You will have a good time when you play games of program, also you will learn many benefical things.  What kind of games do we have on this program?

11. Colouring Book : Find pictures by joining the dots together, find the way out of the maze, find the disguised pictures and colour the lovely pictures with bright colours...

12. Paint Book : A paint book where you can draw and make new things with tools such as the pencil, brush, paint and small shapes…

13. Find the differences : Find the similarities or differences among the compared pictures in this game...

14. Square Puzzle : Place the differently placed pieces correctly and form the picture...

15. Puzzle : Complete the missing parts of the puzzle to reach a beautiful picture...

16. Find the Missing Number : Find the missing number in the line of numbers that are placed according to a certain logic...

17. Filling the boxes : This is a drawing game that requires clicking small squares to complete a picture.

18. Hidden Words : Trying to find the words that are placed irregularly in the boxes.

19. Matching : Matching illustrations, shapes, numbers and letters that are dispersed...
Knowledge Competition : Little tests which are prepared to test your knowledge and help you learn new things about moral and cultural values.

20. Knowledge Competition : Little tests which are prepared to test your knowledge and help you learn new things about moral and cultural values.

21. Crossword Puzzle : Crossword Puzzles with different levels.

22. Making Sentences : Finding correct sentences out of displaced words...

23. Mathematics : Test your mathematics with addition, subtraction, division and multiplication games...

24. Five Balls : Try to place five balls horizontally, vertically and crosswise...

25. The Highest Score : The highest scores attained in each game can be viewed on this page. By using arrow keys, you can go from one game to the other.

26. Music Box : The desired background music can be listened to along with the program.

27. Voiced-help : It is possible to open this menu by clicking the Help button in each section. The main character will help you with the subject.

28. Technical Support : On-line software  update, product registration, technical support requsts ect.

29. About  : Visit our site www.goldsoft.com.tr for further details.

30. Others : Changing Language, Entering Playground,  Minimize/Close Program.